Pay Per Click Management

xonware-pay-per-click-processWhen planning to increase the sale of a new product, PPC service is the right choice over SEO as the results are immediate and there is an ability to monitor and alter the ppc campaign in tune with the marketing dynamics. Through this feature one can keep track on each and every bid and also on the ROI(Return on Investments).

Starting an AdWords campaign is easy. Using it as a tool to grow your business is not. That is where Xonware comes in, with our pay per click services.


Advantages of obtaining PPC Advertising Services from Xonware 

  • Keyword Rich Advertisements to target relevant traffic
  • Control the Ad budgets as frequently as you wish
  • Keep track of site visitors and advertising expenditure
  • Ads are published immediately and hence you enjoy an immediate web presence


We Will

  • Work with you to identify key ROI and traffic goals
  • Ensure proper tracking is in place to allow us to manage your campaigns efficiently and effectively
  • Analyze and test your campaign to ensure that you are bidding the right amount of money on the right keywords to maximize your returns
  • Analyze and improve your landing pages and contact forms to turn visitors into sales or leads

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