Search Engine Optimization

Fresh Website design? Catchy lines?

You’re off to a good start. But before your website can become a powerful marketing tool, potential clients need to find it. That’s where SEO comes in.

When looking for your services, customers turn to search engines like Google first. But if your website isn’t among the top search results, you’ve lost that sale. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process by which our Xonware internet strategists make sure your website grabs a top spot for the search terms that are important to your business. With SEO, you don’t pay for each click to your website — meaning ROI adds up fast. It’s about inbound marketing. Driving traffic. Generating leads. Making sales. Not just now, but for years to come.

How do we do it? Our Xonware SEO specialists use keyword research, optimized content, link building and more to target Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other major search engines. There are no SEO secrets — but as search engine standards evolve, it’s important to keep up with the latest techniques and best practices. Just as your competition never rests, your SEO strategy can’t either. A page one Google ranking requires a long-term SEO strategy that involves constant monitoring and re-working of content, links and overall website architecture.

Choosing the Right  SEO Company

Looking for a SEO company to improve your search engine rankings? Steer clear of marketing companies that claim to offer quick fixes, SEO secrets or guarantees of top listings in a short period of time. Real SEO results don’t happen overnight, and there are no quick fixes to put you on page one of Google search results. Good SEO marketers know that consistently higher search engine rankings are achieved by using a long-term, multifaceted and custom approach.

What makes our SEO services unique is our expertise. At Xonware, our marketing pros don’t use unethical, black-hat SEO techniques — and we don’t need to. Through well-researched and consistently implemented SEO marketing campaigns, we’re able to achieve top search engine rankings for our clients.

Measurable SEO Results

Once we’ve implemented a custom SEO strategy, how can you be sure it’s working? Our Xonware SEO team understands that you can’t take web visibility to the bank — you need to see real results from your marketing budget. That’s why we design our SEO services to produce measurable improvements in site traffic, online lead generation and new business.

As a Xonware SEO client, you’ll receive a website analysis on a monthly basis. Your monthly report will show your website’s position on all major search engines, how many site visitors you’ve had and where each visitor came from.

But you don’t have to wait for a ranking report — our SEO package includes access to a personal Google Analytics account, where you can monitor website traffic on your own time. Have a question about the data? We’re more than happy to implement web optimization strategies based on your feedback.

Organic Search Optimization vs. Search Engine Marketing

SEO is the process by which we ensure your website gets prominent placement in organic search results (the list of websites users see when they perform a Google search). This is called natural or organic SEO in contrast to search engine marketing (SEM), which refers to the paid advertisements that appear within Google search results. Learn more about our SEM services.

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Xonwares’ 4 Critical Steps for Highly Effective SEO

Our SEO services are based on what we know to be the most effective ways to bring more qualified visitors to your website through search engines. We employ the following SEO steps:

Strategy & Initial Optimization – Our initial on-page SEO is everything the spiders see on your website that affects your rankings. Our process starts with a keyword discovery process that focuses on achievable primary keywords and “long tail” keywords. The approved keywords are embedded into your meta tags, which help Google and other search engines organize and rank information. The actual coding, style, positioning, and saturation levels also are relevant factors that are a part of our on-page SEO process.

Ongoing Linking & Optimization – Link building builds “votes” to your website (in Google’s mindset). The more credible the votes, the more your rank increases. Rank affects both your “TrustRank” and “PageRank,” both terms coined by Google. Relevant and effective link building through partners, articles, press releases, bookmarking, Blogs, reference sites, etc., is one of the most important factors in your search marketing.

Content Marketing* – Through articles, press releases, blog posts, eBooks, webinars, landing pages, and more, we are able to enhance your digital “footprint” in your industry. (*Requires VisibilitPro to promote custom written content) Content is written for submission to industry channels and social news sites such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, and is promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and LinkedIn, etc. Press releases are distributed via high-ranking paid releases through PRWeb, which opens the doors to thousands of industry targets, regional targets, syndicated feeds, AP News Wire, Google News, Yahoo News, eMediaWire, and more. Releases include keyword anchor text, an embedded image, social bookmarking features, and other SEO-related functionality. Reporting on page reads, impressions, search engine traffic, and search terms is included. (Advanced reporting and embedded video are available for an additional charge.)

Reporting & Analytics – A very important part of your online success is to meet with experts and review your site analytics. As part of these programs, our experts will look at your traffic, the referring sites, keywords, which pages are working and which are not, and much more. We will discuss your current engagement plan and see if it needs updating or fresh ideas. We will also consider new strategies, techniques, trends, etc., and decide together what site enhancements may be needed to improve both traffic and conversions.


When it Comes to Search Engine Optimization the Long Tail Wags the Dog!

Typical SEO programs target a limited number of broad keywords, such as “shoes” or “men’s shoes” in the case of an online shoe store. What some companies tend to forget, however, is that search engines are used by unique individuals who often have unique ways of describing what they’re looking for. Our company receives traffic from thousands of keyword combinations called “long tail” keywords that even the most well-planned SEO strategy could not anticipate. For example, while we may love the phrase “web design agency,” it will never account for the thousands of word combinations such as “web design and online marketing firm” or “website agencies and online branding.”

Our top 30 keywords account for less than 20% of our traffic! Our best keywords get over 350 clicks a month; however, the combination of long tail keywords adds up to over 2,000 visits. WOW! The point of this long tail stuff? Content. Content. Content. It is only by producing a steady stream of relevant content that you can start to address the many combinations of keywords that exist. Take a look at the chart below to see the power of long tail SEO: