Social Media Marketing

Social media enables establishing huge user network, sharing their content, opinions, views, and encouraging interaction and community building via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon and more. Xonware, an expert Social Media Marketing services provider, extends the notion and offers a wide range of social media marketing strategies to develop a more rewarding communication platform between seller and consumers.




Having an influential business profile on leading social networks does half of your job. It adds volumes to your reliability and overall online presence. We help you set up accounts on all social networks, blogs, social bookmarking, video sites, article directories, RSS feeds, and pings. (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc). Our social media marketing experts will conceptualize, create and develop professional and highly interactive profile pages. In addition to profile creation, we will also help you create and upload other essential pages.


  • Set up social profiles on every related, leading social media
  • Proper customization of the profiles with genuine content, logo images etc
  • Create additional pages such as Fan page for FaceBook
  • Link each profile to another
  • Connect all profile with your website
  • Optimize the profiles
    And more


In this phase, our social media marketing specialists will work on creating and expanding your network on various social media. The idea is to promote your potential business entity, and bring more and more people to populate your network. Numerous efforts and activities are processed to gain direct and influenced / recommended contacts. The SMM experts also employ latest tools, applications and software to enable you to connect and interact with your very potential client base.

  • Build interesting friend groups
  • Send email Invitation to join your network/ community
  • Create open-to-all communities relevant to your business
  • Integrate well with other communications
  • Join related communities and interact
  • Have call to action on website
    And more

It’s time to build ans strengthen your connection and relationship with the potential readers. The social media marketing professionals use various forms of content to educate, interact and engage your customers and potentials. Different content channels used are articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, images, webinars, reviews, newsletters, forums etc. Engaging with the audience and monitoring their response is an essential activity of this phase.

  • Create, run and moderate threads and posts
  • Post new polls or survey
  • Start fresh conversations
  • Answer queries
  • Post business/industry related open-end questions