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August 20, 2014
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November 12, 2014

Who Uses CRM

Any business that does some sort of marketing

Be it mail or SMS campaigns or marketing through trade fairs or door-to-door marketing, a CRM solution with marketing capabilities will help businesses to efficiently plan, market & track the marketing activities. You don’t have to jump through multiple mass mailing or SMS tools to market your products or services. Marketing from CRM solution comes with another greater advantage, as your customers sales data & buying behavior in hand, you could easily re-target or up-sell them very easily.

Any business that has a sales team

Starting from opportunity tracking, scheduling pre-sales demos or meetings, order processing, sales team of any business can benefit much from a CRM solution than anyone. Also a good CRM solution helps them to shorten the sales lifecycle and to achieve more sales targets with selling, upselling & cross-selling.

Any business that creates quotes and invoices

A CRM solution with in-built quote & invoice generation capabilities will avoid businesses from switching between multiple software solutions to complete their sales lifecycle, that saving their time & efforts to a larger extent.

Any business that wants to excel in customer service

Customer retention is the key factor that makes most of the businesses a successful one. A Quality customer service plays a vital role in achieving the customer retention. A CRM solution with help desk & Knowledgebase facilities will help business to efficiently receive & track customer complaints, provide them with possible best solutions, thus helping to keep their customers always satisfactory & happy.

Any business that wants to initiate & track their communication with their customers

Be it a call, email or SMS, a CRM solution with integrated mailing & telephony capabilities will help businesses to achieve all type of communications from one single solution. With these capabilities, businesses can make sales, marketing or support calls & track them with their recordings and can send transactional updates, status updates & payment due alerts through email or SMS.

Any business that needs instant business insights on what’s happening

Not every business have time to sit and go through huge number of their business transactions to know what’s happening in their business currently. A good CRM solution will provide businesses with the instant analytic data they need through dashboards and reports, thus helping them to understand the real status of their business without going through complex spreadsheets & calculations.